Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Uckfield

Carpets, curtains, and soft furnishings need to be cleaned regularly. Not only do they look better, it extends their life and decreases the levels of allergies found in the workplace.

We offer fire retardant, anti-stain, and anti-static treatments for all your carpets, curtains, upholstery, and cushions. We make sure the service is absolutely right for you by preparing a detailed Maintenance Programme designed to meet your needs.


  • Regular carpet cleaning, using advanced techniques and skilled operators, keeps your carpets in perfect condition
  • A clean carpet looks good, feels good and gives the smart, professional appearance that you want to promote. The better you look after your carpet the longer it will last.
  • Our mobile staff can deal with routine cleaning as well as difficult stain removal. They use the method that is right for the job, from hot water extraction to a rotary brush system. We can also repair, seam, and stretch your carpets if necessary. We use a dry chemical method for lightly soiled areas that just need freshening up. It’s quick and thorough, the area dries in less than two hours.


  • Upholstery, in the form of office chairs, reception area sofas and conference seating, is often a neglected aspect of the company’s overall image. Like carpets, deterioration occurs gradually and it can be some time before anyone notices, visitors on the other hand will instantly notice shabby furniture.
  • Our trained technicians use the latest upholstery techniques for fast effective results. The difference can be remarkable, with items frequently returning to “good as new” condition.

A planned maintenance programme ensures that significant deterioration doesn’t occur and that all items are maintained in pristine condition. To find out more about our carpet cleaning in Uckfield or any of our commercial cleaning in Uckfield give us a call using the freephone number at the top of the page.

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