Janitorial Supplies

We have been trading for 20 years in Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Supplies. As leading suppliers and distributors of high quality, low priced Janitorial Supplies we have one of the largest ranges of cleaning supplies in Central England.

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We provide a wide range of janitorial products and cleaning services.

Washroom Services

Janitorial Direct provide essential services for numerous businesses in the United Kindom through our washroom services. These contract services allow you to have a variety of our products installed and maintained for as long as you need them.

Cleaning Machines

We stock a range of cleaning machines suitable for any domestic, commercial or industrial cleaning tasks. From carpet cleaning to steam cleaning paint from metalwork, you are sure to find the best cleaning machine for the job.

Cleaning Machine Accessories

We support our range of cleaning machines with accessories where possible allowing your machine to be as versatile as possible.

Cleaning Machine Parts

We also stock spares for the machines we sell. We know how important it is to be able to get the relevant spares when faced with replacing the whole unit.

Janitorial Hardware & Air Care Products

Our hardware section contains all of the goods used for day to day janitorial tasks. This section contains everything from mops and buckets to window cleaning equipment and a range of odour control solutions.

Cleaning Chemicals

Our range of cleaning chemicals provides you with a constant source of products required to clean carpets, remove chewing gum and clean kitchen appliances. This category also includes innovative products such as Magic Ice Melt and Barrier Cream.

Hand Dryers and Janitorial Vending Machines

This category contains a great selection of hand dryers which use different designs and technologies. We also have a selection of washroom vending machines and consumables available from stock.

Infant Care & Washroom Cleaning Products

This section contains equipment for washrooms such as baby changing stations and mounted hair dryers.

Janitorial Paper Disposables

This category contains napkins, toilet rolls, Hywipe rolls and dispensers.

Kitchen & catering supplies and soap systems

All of the products that are essential in a kitchen or catering environment are shown in this category. Solutions for pest control, hand washing, dishwashing ingredient mixing and much more can be found here.

Workwear Clothes & Accessories

This section contains protective and high visability apparel to help make working conditions as safe as possible.

Janitorial Product Spotlight

Janitorial Direct stock over 4000 lines of cleaning products to domestic, commercial and industrial customers in the United Kingdom. To support these services we also have a range of washroom services which help furnish the washrooms in your establishment with facilities such as bins, barrier mats, vending machines, baby changing stations, odour control and water management systems on a rental basis.

Washroom Services in the Midlands

Our washroom services offer the opportunity for anyone who needs to furnish the washrooms in their establishment with a variety of high quality, hard wearing facilities without purchasing the equipment outright. Instead you can hire the equipment from us and as part of the service we then maintain our products which means you can always be sure that they are clean and in good working condition.

Prochem Machines

Prochem are an established manufacturer of carpet cleaning machines which range is size from the compact Spot Pro range to the Supernova which is a heavy duty, self contained extractor which can clean up to 300 metres squared per hour.

Osprey Steamers

Osprey produce powerful steam cleaning machines which are capable of cleaning a range of surfaces from appliances to pavements and walls.

Bar Supplies

If you run a bar you may find our range of bar supplies helpful. We supply a variety of essential products for keeping your working environment clean and well prepared.
Our range of drinks pourers allow you to quickly pour 25, 35 or 50ml measures without wasting a drop. This help to ensure that your customers all get equal measures and you minimise the risk of spillage. Another essential product in our range of bar supplies is the selection of beer line cleaners. As beer lines need cleaned every seven days, making sure you have a good supply of beer line cleaner is essential. We are able to supply a choice of beer line cleaners at the best possible price so you can always be sure you have a ready supply.

Catering Supplies

We stock a wide variety of catering supplies which make working hygienically in a kitchen or catering environment as easy as possible. These products include pest control systems which keep catering environments free of all kinds of insects and rodents, soaps and dispensers, a range of consumable catering supplies and a number of machines such as mixers, vacuum packing machines, dishwashers and more.

Janitorial Supplies

Regardless of the industry you work in, you are sure to find janitorial supplies within our range of hardware, paper disposables and other sections to supply you will all of the equipment you need. From mops, buckets and trolleys to paper towel dispensers, they are all available from stock for immediate dispatch.

Floor Scrubber Machines

The floor scrubber cleaning machines which we sell offer a range of features and control options. We stock small ‘walk-behind’ floor scrubbers suitable for storerooms and retail outlets, medium to heavy duty ‘ride-on’ floor scrubber units for larger scale showrooms and warehousing and also robotic scrubbers for un-manned flooring scrubbing environments.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

We stock a large range of carpet cleaning machines aimed at all sectors of the carpet cleaning market from domestic, retail and industrial customers. The carpet cleaning machines we stock range in size, functionality and brand name. We stock Prochem, Vax, Truvox and Numatic to name a few of the bigger brand name carpet cleaning machines we sell. The types of carpet cleaner we sell include both upright and standard domestic vacuum cleaners, upholstery spot washers, hydromist as well as steam and carpet encapsulation machines.