Products & Equipment


As an employer we recognise that the nature of our business has potential to impact detrimentally on the environment, particularly where we use cleaning materials.

Therefore, we made the decision to promote an environmentally responsible approach to the provision of our cleaning services whereby a safe and healthy working environment can be developed.

At Ambiance Services the case for bringing the benefits of “Green” cleaning to our customers is clear.

The past several years have given way to new technologies in products and processes that have allowed “Green” Cleaning to be done more effectively, in a near or cost-neutral manner and in a way that is good for the environment and the occupants of buildings we service. A winning combination!

Download our latest environmental policy (190k pdf)

Systems & procedures

The Ambiance Services program includes not only the use of environmentally-preferable paper products and chemicals but focuses on every aspect of our operation including equipment, procedures, training, recycling and more.

Our program is backed by Standard Operating Procedures that are fully supportive of ISO 14001, the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

It provides guidance on how to manage the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services more effectively, taking into consideration environmental protection, pollution prevention and socio-economic needs.

All things Green

Key components of the Ambiance Services program are the systems and equipment used in the day-to-day delivery of our services.

  •  All our vacuums are equipped with high performing hepa-filters.
    In addition to everyday dirt, carpets can be a host for moisture problems and mould growth, so we consider it vital to use the very latest in technologically advanced vacuums and filtration systems that remove as much dirt as possible and minimises dust pollutants in the air. When implementing our cleaning program, we use the Carpet & Rug Industry “Green Label” approved vacuums. We also empty our vacuum bags frequently for more efficient operating.
  • Mechanically capture dirt and remove it rather than moving it around.
    We use products like microfibre dusting cloths and flat mops, for example, which can eliminate the need for chemicals.
  • Using course spray for chemicals, and applying the cleaner to the cloth rather than spraying the surface to be cleaned are all important aspects of indoor air quality programs.
  • We buy commercial cleaning products from only three leading manufacturers and use environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals along with chemical management systems for accurate product dilution.
  • We make use of their training course material to ensure our staff are fully conversant with the safe and effective use of these agents
  • Apply disinfectant in washrooms properly ensuring the chemical has proper dwell time so that soil is thoroughly removed using less product.