Property Maintenance


Our commercial property maintenance services are designed to save you money, hassle and stress. We get the job done quickly and effectively and you only pay for the work you need. There’s no stress, no ongoing costs and no obligation. For most commercial property owners, it’s the perfect solution.

Our Property Maintenance Services

Our services include painting and decorating, drainage, office maintenance, and grounds maintenance. If you need some work done, all you need to do is phone our help desk and we will send someone out to you as soon as possible. All of our services can be carried out on an ‘ad hoc’ basis or as part of an ongoing maintenance contract. If you’d like more information about our range of commercial property maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Painting and Decorating

So much more than just a lick of paint.
Buildings need regular painting and decorating. Ideally you want a professional finish that lasts well and is easy to maintain. As always you want to strike a balance between cost and performance.

Keeping the paintwork looking fresh in a busy office can be challenging but as with all our services, the painters and decorators at Ambiance have the back up of all the other trades and skills on the team. That means Ambiance can do so much more than just give your building a lick of paint.


How much does it cost NOT having a maintenance plan for your buildings’ drainage systems?
If you manage several buildings it’s frustrating if you don’t have plans to hand showing where all the drains, rainwater gullies and gutters are located.

Without regular maintenance, you’ll be faced with paying emergency call out fees to deal with blocked drains, overflowing gutters and clogged gullies. Worse still, leaking gutters and drains can cause further internal damage and yet more bills. You know this is an expensive and stressful approach.

There is an alternative.

You can opt for a planned maintenance contract, saving you time, money and stress.

How is Ambiance’s service different?

Ambiance is in the business of developing long term relationships with clients. That means giving long term value. When you engage services from this company, you can expect:

  • A survey of your existing drainage systems highlighting vulnerable areas
  • Detailed plans showing location of drains, rainwater gullies and gutters
  • A proposed schedule of maintenance (subject to your agreement)
  • Maintenance carried out by skilled and experienced drainage specialists as per the schedule
  • Working with more than 30 clients a week, Ambiance has a large enough team to deliver the skills you need all year round (and still allow our staff time off!)
  • The Help Desk to give you updates if required
  • A detailed report showing any areas in need of further repair or replacement

This complete service allows you to focus your energies elsewhere, knowing that your drainage systems are in the best possible shape to cope with the vagaries of the British weather.

Office Maintenance Contracts

A monthly or bi-monthly visit from a Ambiance decorator allows small painting and decorating repairs to be carried out with minimum interruption to the working day. Each month, a decorator will liaise with the Building Manager (if present) and find out what needs attention. Typical issues include:

  • damaged paintwork
  • door handle hanging off
  • door knocked into the wall
  • screws missing off door handles
  • ceiling tiles damaged or stained
  • stair nosing coming loose
  • damage to paintwork in stairwells from trolleys and bags

While attending to any painting maintenance jobs, the Ambiance decorators can report back on other issues noticed, such as leaking taps, promoting timely repairs.

Ambiance Grounds Maintenance

Ambiance Grounds Maintenance caters for commercial gardening and grounds maintenance throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey.  Our key focus is on a sustainable, accountable and, most importantly, reliable service.

Our commercial gardening service has been specifically designed to address the needs of its customers in the commercial and utility markets – including business parks, medical facilities, property management companies, residential care homes, hotels and restaurants.

The Green Leaf Package

The ‘Green Leaf’ program is Ambiance’s standard program for the year, including twenty maintenance visits. Your location will be visited throughout the year to ensure that it always looks its best. There is a greater frequency of visits during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months when things are growing and Winter visits will ensure the site remains tidy.

The schedule of visits is: November – February: 1 visit per month March – October: 2 visits per month

  • Grass Cutting (Formal Grass Areas and General Amenity Grass)
  • Edging Grassed Areas
  • Strimming
  • Weed Control to Borders, Paths and Hardstandings
  • Hoeing and Digging
  • Pruning of Shrubs and Roses
  • Deadheading Flowers
  • Hedge Maintenance
  • Leaf Clearance
  • Litter Picking and Leaf Sweeping
  • Sweeping and Blowing Hard Surfaces