Quality & Training

Ambiance Services Monitoring System

At the heart of any good cleaning company there has to be an effective and reliable quality control system, without this all the promises in the world would amount to nothing.

Here at Ambiance Services we know that our system works and works well which is demonstrated through our enviable customer retention.

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t rely on our customers to tell us if we are doing a good job. We take full ownership of our services and constantly monitor and measure our performance.

Our fully trained and experienced supervisors and managers carry out weekly inspections to ensure that our standards are always maintained. The findings are carefully analysed to see if there are any areas which we need to pay extra attention.
In other words: “We set the standards so that you don’t have to!”


Our employees are the lifeblood of the company and we go to great lengths to ensure that we recruit the right people and support them with good training as this forms a major part of our quality control process.

All our staff undergo basic training in health and safety, cleaning techniques, chemical usage, COSHH regulations and because we are corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) all our staff are encouraged to attain BICSc. level one competence.

Wherever possible, we promote people from within our company, this builds up mutual trust and respect between employer, and employee and results in a committed and motivated workforce. We also operate our own incentive scheme in order to encourage staff and career development for all employees. “We take care of our staff; they take care of our customers”

Contract Security

It’s not just about excelling at cleaning, for us that’s standard practice. Our customers need to be confident that our staff are honest and can be trusted to look after their premises as though they were their own.

Key access jobs are only reserved for existing employees that have already proved their integrity.

All our staff are neat in appearance dressed in company overalls marked with the company’s logo and carry a photographic ID badge…

The company policy is to undertake identity checks including:

  1.  Copies of utility bills/bank statements are retained at our office for proof of address.
  2. No staff are employed without a national Insurance number.
  3. Staff are not employed without first establishing their identity. This is achieved by inspection of; a P45/P60, a valid passport confirming that the individual is either a British Citizen or a European Economic Area National, an appropriate birth certificate or a letter from The Home Office confirming the person named is entitled to work.
  4. All staff are paid via a BACS transfer system and are therefore required to have an appropriate bank/building society account.

Insurance details

Employers Liability £10 million
Public & Products Liability £5 million